The treatment includes Shodhan chikitsa i.e. cleansing therapy depending upon dominancy of derranged doshas. Vaman in Kapha dushti, Virechan in Pitta dushti and Basti in case of Vata dushti.

Regular exercise and yoga promotes added assistance. One should practice pelvic floor exercises, padmasan, mool bandha to strengthen and optimize the functionality of the desired organs. Treating obstructions or infections if any, with medicines like Gokshur, Guduchi, Triphala, etc. Also Uttar Basti treatment  serves beneficial in cases of obstructive pathologies, it as well strengthens the muscles of urinary tract and reproductive system.

Rejuvenation and Aphrodisiac treatment plays an important role;Rejuvenation therapy revitalizes the body and reinforces it internally and externally thus enhances body endurance and also assists in creating healthier sperms. Medicines like Chyawanprash, Musali paak, Rasayan vati, Kandarpa paak, Kushmand avleha, etc serves the purpose. A combination of milk + ghee + honey + cold water in specific proportion depending upon one’s body constitution along with other medicines like yastimadhu, shatavari, amla, etc. serves as a good rasayan.


If a structural deformity is detected in female reproductive system… for example,  if the Fallopian tube is blocked, there are some effective Ayurvedic medicines. The root of aak plant is known to maintain potency of fallopian tubes. For functional corrections, the tests are conducted to identify hormonal disorders,. If any such issues are found, there are herbal remedies available which can regulate  the hormonal secretions. PCOD (Polycystic ovary syndrome) is also becoming very common these days. In most cases of PCOD, we can see infertility. In such cases, pushptanma ras, arogyavardhani vati, kanchanar guggul are recommended. There is also a precious medicine in the form of pushp-prabha.

All these medicines, if taken by the patient, regulate her hormone levels. When the hormones are regulated, the process of ovulation becomes normal and the lady is able to conceive.