The Ayurvedic Remedy For Male Physical Weakness

Male Infertility

Lack of physical or muscle strength and the continuous feeling of having to put in extra effort to do daily chores is called physical weakness. Weakness is classified as a symptom and not a disease. To be able to point out the direct cause of such symptoms, other symptoms are evaluated and then treated. As the symptom is non-specific, a physician often finds it difficult to determine a disease only based on this clue. As people, use this term quite generally to explain many different kinds of sensations, it is confusing to point at one disease. Weakness may be caused by physical diseases or the psychological state of a person.

Factors that may contribute to physical weakness are:

  • Hypovitaminosis: Low amount of essential vitamins and minerals in the body may decrease vitality.
  • Environment: High levels of noise pollution cause irritation and uneasiness which may affect someone’s vigour. The incessant bombardment being produced by cars, speaks and in the work environment may cause weakness.
  • Stress: Physical and psychological tension causes a person to become more anxious, apprehensive and fearful. This state of mind reduces the body’s ability to ward of fatigue.
  • Hyper exertion: Working constantly without resting can completely drain out your body’s energy. The human body can only function well when it receives an adequate amount of rest. When you rest, you are essential recharging your functional organs and increasing muscle strength. Working hard for a few days is acceptable and may cause temporary weakness, but if it is prolonged it will result in long term effects.
  • Insomnia: Not sleeping properly or being awake for late nights causes an imbalance in the circadian rhythms of your body. The biological clock is supposed to remain more functional during the day when there is sunlight and rest in its absence. Disturbing it will harm your body and make you inactive at daytime.
  • Coital Hostility: After a certain age, participating in intercourse is natural. If someone withholds, himself or herself in having relations with a partner, it will have some effects on his or her body. Not being able to resolve emotional conflicts related to such relationships, also cause high levels of stress which are accompanied with weakness.
  • Nutrition: Having a balanced diet is the key in sustaining physical immunity. Any lack in the basic nutrients your body requires can lead to physical and mental imbalances. In its absence, the body becomes vulnerable to weakness and fatigue accompanies with other diseases.

To summarise, weakness is not caused by one major problems but acts as concealment to a plethora of diseases or disorders that a human body may have. If not dealt with strictly initially, it may pave way of to serious problems which may prove fatal.

Shilajit – The Ayurvedic Treatment For Weakness

Shilajit, also known as the destroyer of weakness is a resinous and nutrient-rich biomass rich in fulvic and humic acids. It is known as the best carrier of energy and nutrition in the human body. It is rich in DBP which stands for dibenzo alpha pyrones which is the main energizing component. It is via this component, that Shilajit supports deep rejuvenation and energy production.

It has been used for ages in Ayurvedic medicine for the following benefits:

  • Energy
  • Absorption of vital nutrients
  • Enhance potency of the nutrients
  • Efficient detoxification
  • Optimum response of body’s natural antioxidants
  • Natural remedy for male libido weakness

Effects on Male Infertility:

It can improve sperm count by 60% and sperm activity by 12%. By enhancing, testosterone levels it can protect muscle tissue, keep fat off and improve the psyche of a man. Due to its significant effects on energy production, it contributes a marked change in coital performance. It is an effective herbal remedy for male infertility.

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